A la carte from served between 17.00-21.00



Oven baked halibut from Gulen (2,4,7)

Potatoe cream, choritzo, butterfried sugar peas, baked garlic and glazed onion

NOK 157,-


Beef tenderloin (6,7)

Red wine glazed onion, potato pancetta and mushroom sauce

NOK 160,-





Beef Tenderloin (7,9)

Celery puree, salt baked shallots, rosemary creamed savoy cabbage, herbal- and bacon baked portobello and white wine jus

NOK 395,-

Lamb carre (7,9)

Red onion compote, garlic creamed spinach and celery puree

NOK 385,-


Pieces of deer (7)

Parsnip, carrot cream, savoy cabbage, chanterelle jus and potato pancetta

NOK 395,-

Alternative potatoes:

Oven baked amandine potatoes

French fries 




Fried trout (4,6,7,9)

Fennel and orange, fried parsley, celery cream, potato pancetta, ginger- and olive jus

NOK 355,-


Cod with potato pancetta (4,7,8a)

Fried oyster mushrooms with almonds and chives and sour butter sauce

NOK 295,-





Crème brûlèe (3,7)

Raspberry sorbet with citrus salad

NOK 155,-


Chocolate terrine (3,7,8a)

Mango sorbet, lemon glazed raspberries, caramelized apple cream, xante flamed apricots

NOK 165,-

Mild Moon icecream (1a,3,7)

Vanilla ice cream, warm blackberries, adcokaat and whipped cream

NOK 140,-




Steamed trout (1a,11)

French fries

NOK 119,-


Sausages (7,9,10)

Sausages and french fries

NOK 89,-


Mini pizza (1a,7) 

Tomato sauce, cheese and ham

NOK 89,-



1. Gluten

a, Flour

b, Rye

c, Barley

d, Oats

e, Spelled

f, Khorasan wheat

2. Shellfish

3. Egg

4. Fish

5. Peanuts

6. Soy

7. Milk

8. Nuts

a, Almonds

b, Hazel nuts

c, Walnuts

d, Cashews

e, Pecans

f, Pistachios

g, Brazil nuts

h, Macadamias

9. Celery

10. Mustard

11. Sesame

12. Sulfite

13. Lupine

14. Molluscs