A la carte from served between 17.00-21.00


Norwegian fermented fish terrine (4,7)

Boretan onion soaked in orange and vanilla, beetroot butter, chive pesto with Bufar cheese from Valdres, smoked potato salad

NOK 135,- 

Blue mussels gratinated in garlic (1,2,7)


NOK 115,-

Creamed chanterelle soup with chaterelles from Sogn (7)

Herbal cream, fried chaterelles sprinkled with chives

 NOK 125,-



Halibut from Gulen baked in salt crust (4,7)

Sweet potato puree, aubergine compote with apricot and spring onion, smoked carrot cream topped with fried Chorizo and sugar peas. Liquorice demi-glace

NOK 375,-

Herbal baked Arctic char (7,9)

Potato puree, mango chutney with spring onion, spinach with herbal cream and parsley baked parsley root

NOK 315,-

Alternative potatoes:

Potatoes au gratin NOK 45,-



Beef tenderloin (3,7)

Vegetable wok, bacon baked Portobello, red wine glazed small onion, salt baked carrot. Sauce Béarnaise and potato roesti

NOK 395,- 

Pieces of deer (7,9)

Creamed root celery, salt baked root vegetables, Beech smoked mushrooms, herbal glazed small onion, demi glace with Tya Red ale beer and potatoe roesti

NOK 405,-

Porter braised Lamb shank from Haugen Gardsmat (7)

POtato puree, salt baked root fruits and fennel. Lamb demi glace with coffee.

NOK 395,-

Alternative potatoes:

Potatoes au gratin NOK 45,-


 Beer ice cream of Tya Industri (1,7)

Parsley crumble, coffee confectionary, beer glazed raisins and chocolate ganache cake with toffee mousse

NOK 110,-

Crème brûlèe (3,7)

Raspberry sorbet with citrus salad

NOK 129,-



 Steamed trout (1a,3,4,7)

Creamed pasta

NOK 119,-

Bolognese with tagliatelle (1a,3,7)

Sausages and french fries

NOK 89,-

 Minipizza (1a,7) 

Tomato sauce, cheese and ham

NOK 89,-



1. Gluten

a, Flour

b, Rye

c, Barley

d, Oats

e, Spelled

f, Khorasan wheat

2. Shellfish

3. Egg

4. Fish

5. Peanuts

6. Soy

7. Milk

8. Nuts

a, Almonds

b, Hazel nuts

c, Walnuts

d, Cashews

e, Pecans

f, Pistachios

g, Brazil nuts

h, Macadamias

9. Celery

10. Mustard

11. Sesame

12. Sulfite

13. Lupine

14. Molluscs