Om Klingenberg Hotel

Klingenberg Hotel dates back to 1861 and we are very proud of our long traditions. 

Klingenberg Hotel was a coaching inn at first, and the building where it all started was an old farmhouse that had been moved from "Bortigarden" at Hæreid to Solstrand at Lægreid. The activity connected to the inn developed as the number of visitors increased, and famous people like Edvard Grieg, William Cecil Slingsby and Fridtjof Nansen came back to stay serveral times.

About 40 years later, in 1900, a new hotel was built next to the inn. 60 years later a new and modern hotel was built on the marina at Årdalstangen, and this is the Klingenberg Hotel of today. 


1861 Transport station established

1900 New "Swiss style" hotel is built

1960 The old buildings are torn down; a new hotel is built in the functionalist style and moved to the location where it now stands at                present

1974 An additional 15 new rooms are built, along with the restaurant and pub

1988 The hotel is modernised and an additional 10 rooms are built as well as garden/park

2000 New restaurant, lounge and bar with facade towards the fjord is built

2007 New cafè/restaurant and pub with outdoor service and facade toward the marketplace is built


1861 - 1895 Jens Prestegard Klingenberg (Big-Jens)

1895 - 1922 Jens Klingenberg (Little-Jens)

1922 - 1943 Jensina Klingenberg (Sina)

1943 - 1976 Karen Klingenberg Holmestad

1976 - 1985 Bjørklund A/S - Jan Lea

1985 -          Klingenberg Hotel AS - the Eggum/Tjelta family